Friday, March 1, 2013

Fish Extender gifts for adults, teens, and kids

YESSSSSSSSS! (said in my absolute coolest Napoleon Dynamite voice)

Our Fish Extender gifts are finished. 

Our cruise group consists of 8 families, ranging from only adults, to adults with small kids, to adults with teens. In order to make sure everyone got something, we decided to  make adult gifts, teen gifts, and kid gifts. 

Here is how everything turned out:

I had tons of cello bags left over and for the toppers, I just created my own using card stock and punches. 

The adults are getting personalized cruise magnets:

The Mickey life rings were a download from etsy and I just printed them on magnetic paper. 

The teens are getting LED light key rings with Mickey ear stickers attached to them (and of course a personalized cruise magnet).

The kiddos are getting a goody bag with bubbles, magnets, glow sticks, and candy (and yes of course, a personalized cruise magnet). 

The plan is to deliver the letters I made yesterday to each stateroom on the first day, first thing when everyone hangs up their Fish Extenders. Then on day 2, we will deliver all the little bags to each room. 

I am so glad they are finished! Now to look ahead to packing for this week long vacay!!!!!

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