Sunday, March 17, 2013

Disney Cruise Day 3

We woke up to a beautiful Monday morning on Day #3! 

Our breakfast for the morning was in Lumiere's, the Beauty and the Beast themed dining room. Not only was it tasty, but we were able to share a table with a family from Longview with a 7 year old little boy. That was the way that we were able to change from an 8:15pm dinner to a 5:45pm dinner. That family offered to share a table with us. They were very sweet and it was nice to be able to share a few meals with them. 

We took the boys shopping in a few of the stores since they had some money saved for souveniers. Jansen chose some collectors pins to put on his lanyard and an Agent P plush. Are my kids the only ones that are obsessed with plushes?? Every character they love has a plush and it has to be theirs for some reason. Caleb bought some pins and a Perry the Platypus plush. They were a happy pair of boys.

 Next up, an art class. Actually it was a scrapbooking class, but the kids used that time just to draw and create. As usual, Caleb was very into it creating an amazing rendering of Captain Mickey, and Jansen pouted until he got some inspiration from a counselor and then was able to create a collage of Disney characters.

Then we took the kids to play a little Bingo...

We ate at the buffet and the kids went off to play at the Lab again. When we returned to our room, we found more goodies in our Fish Extender. Yay for magnets!!!

After resting for a while, we all got together to go see the family hypnotist show. It was actually really fun and the kids thought it was hilarious. There was a guy who was convinced his flip flop was Simba from the Lion King and he would hold it up like he was presenting it to the Savanna. It was great. 

After leaving there, we ran into Peter Pan who was trying to throw paper airplanes down at the princesses on the 3rd floor. 

We also went to see a Broadway style show called Villains Tonight, but we were not allowed to take photos or videos, so this is all you get. 

The hubs and I rounded off the night taking the kids back to the lab for activities and we went to a comedian/magician's show. It was super entertaining. 

What was the best part?

Coming back to the room to this...super clean!

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