Friday, March 15, 2013

Disney Cruise Day 1

We are back!!!!

Because this was a week long trip and because I took a bajillion pictures, I am going to break my posts up into daily posts. We have been without internet service all week, and while it was easy to disconnect last weekend, I have found it to be difficult to reconnect today. Pardon me as my brain continues to sway along with my body as I sit on the couch and type. 

Friday, we boarded the Disney Magic in Galveston, TX. We began the day with Mickey Face Pancakes and a ton of luggage. We arrived at the port around 11, and due to a computer outage, we did not board until a bit after 1pm. But nothing was going to ruin my blissful mood, for we were on vacation. A vacation that was on my bucket list!

As we walked onto the ship, the cast members announced our arrival, "Ladies and Gentlemen, the Powell Family have arrived on the Disney Magic." 

The ship's decor is very art deco with hidden Mickeys everywhere...but on a much more "mature" scale. 

The boys were anxious to explore the ship, which was perfect because our rooms were not quite ready, and nothing was really open. We located the restaurants, the theaters, the kids' clubs, our room, the shops, the snack bars, the ice cream station, the pools...all the highlights. 

Fortunately the buffet opened quickly and we scarfed down a quick lunch and then ran around the ship.

When our room was ready, we ran in to unload all of our luggage. My goal was to unpack and organize first, and then let my hair down and vacation after that. We took tons of pictures of the kids experiencing their first cruise stateroom. They were thrilled, and honestly, the hubs and I were very happy with the amount of space in the room. 

I just had to put up all of the magnets and door decor I had made. That was what made our stateroom our home away from home for the week. We hung our Fish Extender and got our gifts ready to be delivered to the other members of our group 

Later that evening, we attended the deck party, took the kids to the Oceaneer Lab to play, and went out for a little bit of adult fun. We had our own relaxing dinner and checked out the fun in Rockin' Bar D. 

By the time we picked up the kids that night, they were out like a light in less than 5 minutes. Our stateroom was blissfully clean, organized, supplied with chocolates and warm cookies, and we had highlighted the activities we didn't want a miss on Day 2. 

Cookie time, sleepy time, vacation time!

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  1. LOVE IT!!!! I'll be your candle on the waaaaaater! hahaha I'll sing that to you one day. :)

    The door was SO perfect. You amaze me with your skills, madam.