Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Disney Cruise Day 5: Cozumel

My husband and I have been to Cozumel 3 times before, so we were pretty familiar with the area, and were looking forward to just touring and shopping with the kids. We had no excursions planned just because the kids were not interested in swimming with dolphins, sting rays, or zip lining. 

As we docked, I walked out to our balcony and  realized that I had no idea where we were. Evidently, we had docked downtown at Punta Langosta, which was beautiful, but completely unfamiliar. 

We had a nice relaxing breakfast, since we didn't have to meet up with a group, and then quietly and quickly got off the boat. It was totally smooth! When we got off the boat, we realized how windy it was out there and found out that most of the excursions had been canceled due to the weather. Good thing we didn't have anything planned. 

We got a map and headed out. Downtown was very nice. It looked tropical but still had the look of a modern mall type shopping center.

 Jansen looked at some bracelets that he was interested in, and of course, they didn't have his name. While I LOVE the uniqueness of his name, he never has anything with his name on it unless we have it specially made. So we talked to the man there, and asked him if he could make Jansen a name bracelet. He said he could make anything in 5 minutes, and he was right! I was amazed that he could create these. Jansen was super excited to have something with his name on it, and at $6 plus tip, we were happy!

Then we went walking downtown, taking in the sites and looking at some of the shops. 

We found a little museum that the kids wanted to go in and it was totally worth the $4 admission fee! The kids were fascinated by all the pirate memorabilia, art work, and history of Cozumel. 

Later we found a cute little park that we stopped at to have some water and a rest, but once we couldn't find the shops we were looking for, we took a cab down to the pier we were familiar with, Puerta Maya. There we did a little shopping and picture taking. Unfortunately for us, this was the point that our camera crapped out. I didn't realize it until we got back on the ship, so that was a bummer but I was so glad that it died toward the end of the day and the end of our trip. A bunch of the pictures we took never saved to the camera, and then it just quit turning on. I  was so disappointed. 

We came back to the ship a bit early to relax and shower before the majority of the people started their way back. Josh took the boys to the arcade for the first time and I took a quick nap. Once I woke up, I grabbed a bag of candy and went out to sit on our balcony and watch the people and the water. It was then that I found out the camera was broken. While sitting there I saw so many fish and turtles and tried to take pictures of them, but when I went to click, nothing happened. I started to review the pictures we took in Cozumel and realized that everything after the museum was not on there. So I messed with it a while and I was able to get two more pictures out of it....one of the fortune inside my Dove chocolate. 

Once the boys came home, we went down to eat dinner and took them back to the lab. They wanted to participate in the "See ya real soon, friends" activities. They made shirts to autograph, took pictures, and just spent time hanging out with their new friends. Josh and I headed to Disco Night at the club. MY FAVE!!!! There we met an older woman who was traveling with her daughter and granddaughter and was looking for a night out. We invited her to join our table and we chatted and enjoyed the music together. 

We didn't worry about getting back early to pack for debarkation because we had already decided to carry our own luggage off the boat the next morning. It was so worth it! We weren't rushed and we could give the kids plenty of time to play. 

Stay tuned for the final installment of our Magical Disney Cruise vacation!

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  1. That looked so much nicer than where we docked with Carnival. ;) Wish we could've gone on another Mexican adventure, mi amiga mejor! LOL