Saturday, March 16, 2013

Disney Cruise Day 2

Day #2 of the Disney Cruise arrived very early in the morning with a gentle sway of the boat and a crick in my neck. 

We went down to the dining room for a very important character breakfast. 

This was highly entertaining for my kids. The servers made us all napkin hats (mom a bow, Jansen a Peter Pan hat, Caleb a goofy hat, and dad didn't get one for some reason)...

 and each character came to the table to take photos with our family. 

Jansen was loving the Mickey waffles and wanted to order them every day....

Caleb seriously ordered chocolate donuts at each breakfast.

The boys loved the Lab so much, that they chose to head back to join the rest of the kids in the Mickey Mania Quiz Challenge, and the hubs and I went to our first game of BINGO!!! BINGO!!!! BINGO!!!!

No, we didn't win, but it sure was fun playing!

After our fantastic losing streak in bingo, we picked up the kids to hit the pool. The kids were loving the Mickey and Goofy pools....

and I was enjoying my time relaxing in the shade with my tunes and trashy magazines....

and then watching The Little Mermaid on the deck.

After coming back and checking out the Navigator, the boys decided to go to the club for the cooking classes and video game competition, and I snuck away to start delivering the Fish Extender gifts we brought for the others in our group. I was able to take one picture of a family's door...and then I realized how long it was taking for me to go all over the ship to deliver, so I just filled and ran. 

The hubs and I got away for an adults only dinner at Palo. It is the only restaurant on the ship that is not included in the price of the cruise. 

Oh my gosh, this was so worth it! It was a grand total of $40 for all of this....

Our server, Alvin was from the Philippines and was amazingly wonderful. Everything was so perfect that we decided to make reservations for an additional night at Palo. 

How gorgeous was our view from the table of this amazing sunset over cobalt blue waters?

The club paged us that Caleb was ready to come back to the room to go to sleep, so we picked him up and left Jansen there ( he was just having too much fun). Caleb was so excited to see the next towel animal on our bed when we arrived back.

The hubs went out to explore more of the ship while Caleb and I stayed in the room and watched movies. When Jansen was ready to come back, we came back to the our fish extender full of presents! How fun!!!

Stay tuned for Day #3!

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  1. You are stunning in that dress! :) I love the pics of that food!!!!!!!!!!!!! And those goodies look so fun!!! :D