Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ninjago cake and cupcakes

Thursday, my friend! My day off. The day when I do nothing whatsoever for college. In reality, that doesn't mean I have the day off. It's the day I get everything else I can possibly do done. 

On the agenda today, is Caleb's 10th birthday cake and cupcakes for his party at the skating rink tomorrow night. Because we were gone the week before, I needed to give a really easy party. This is it! All I have to do is provide cupcakes and goodie bags. 

Caleb asked for his own cake, and I was just not up for making a big cake and then having to cut and serve it at the party. It is way easier to just give each kid a cupcake and say "Have Fun!"

We compromised and I made a small cake just for him. He may or may not eat it, but I hope he likes it. 

His theme is Ninjago this year...probably his last year for a "party". The big 1-0. I can't believe he is almost 10!!! AGH!!!

Here is what I came up with for the cupcakes....

Who knew that a snowflake cookie cutter will make the perfect shuriken!?

And here is what I came up with for his little cake....

We will see if Caleb likes it when he gets home. I like it!

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  1. These were amazing. I am so astounded by your skills, friend!!!