Sunday, August 29, 2010

Another Ode..this time to Freecycle

Let's discuss the miracle that is freecycle. In our area, we have two different online freecycle groups that are both wonderful. If you are unfamiliar with how freecycle works, here is the lowdown. Basically you can post about items you would like to offer someone else or about items you are looking for. There is no money exchanged and it is just a beautiful way to both give and receive. We have given so many things to others, and have gotten more in return, especially when it comes to childrens' items. From clothes, shoes, sports gear, toys, small furniture, name it and someone probably has it to offer.

My children are probably pretty sheltered. We don't allow them to watch many things that are in TV today, so while they do have a TV in their room, they do not have cable. They operate purely on DVDs that we feel are appropriate. About a month ago, the DVD player broke, and no longer recognized any of the kids' DVDs, so dad to the rescue. My electronically inclined husband took it apart, worked on it, put it back together, and it worked for a day. And so it sat, broken with a TV with nothing to watch. We discussed the possibility of getting another DVD player, and started casually browsing in stores without being in too much of a hurry to replace this little luxury item. I never posted my desire for a DVD player on freecycle, but came across someone who was getting rid of one that no longer had a remote with it. So I emailed her with my request and met her the very next day to pick it up! Win-win situation right?! The boys were so excited to be able to watch a movie again.

LOVE, LUFF, LURVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Freecycle and the person who donated this to us. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

To find the freecycle group near you, go HERE


  1. The best thing I ever got off Freecycle was Susan as a friend!! HAHA. She thought she was just giving me formula!!! :D