Friday, August 27, 2010

Oh boy! It's Friday...

FRIDAY! It is the end of the first week back to school and we are quickly getting into a happy little routine. The boys know what to expect for school, home, and extracurriculars and I am settling into a new phase of my life. I have to admit, it has been a more difficult transition than anticipated and yet very exciting. What is in store for us when our kids transition out of the home?! Wait, stop. Rewind.

Today is also the first day that the boys have nothing scheduled. Monday is piano, Tuesday is soccer, Wednesday is allergy shots, Thursday is soccer, NOTHING ON FRIDAY, Saturday is soccer game day (this weekend just happens to be a tournament with three games), and Sunday is church. So while the boys are at school, I have to get a To-Do list rocking because I am easily overwhelmed by things that need to get done. If I didn't have a dry erase calendar, my life would be utter chaos. Please tell me I am not the only one? Anyone? Oh well, I own it.

1. Have Caleb's name put on the back of his soccer jersey
2. Laundry, because I let it slip into monsterdom this week
3. Menu planning for the next month
4. Bill paying-oh JOY
5. School meeting at 2
6. Work out

Oh boy! I can mark off #6 because I hit the track across from the school at 7:45 this morning. Go me!

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  1. We too have a dry erase board!!!! I must say though, I am REALLY impressed that you menu plan for a MONTH! I am doing well if I can for a week!!!