Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ok, strike that, reverse it....

Work in progress....

So I received the new Pottery Barn catalog and when I walked back into my dining room, I realized that the rug from my inspiration room is very similar to my rug in the living room. Quick fix, right???

Ten minutes later, I like this a lot better. Love the plushy feel of the Craig's List rug in my living room, and I love the look of the red bordered Walmart rug under my dark dining table. Simple, but definitely a good start to this room.

Let's look again at PB's inspiration room...
Price breakdown so far:
PB Evan rug $379
PB casual drapes $ 78
PB chandelier $399
PB table (our size) $699
PB chairs (4@ $239) $956

Grand Total $2511 plus shipping
And here is my dining room...
Similar drapes, similar rug, pseudo-similar table...
Actual cost.....
Walmart rug $ 80
Sheer cream curtains $ 0 (they came with the house!)
Chandelier $ 0 (Came with the house, will be changed soon!)
Lacks Table and chairs $259

Grand Total $339

Here are the additions that I am hoping to make in the upcoming months:
1. Chair cushions
2. Chandelier
And speaking of said chandelier, this PB one is gorgeous and is $399
And this one, which shall be mine in the near future, from Overstock is $134!!! IT WILL BE MINE. OH YES, IT WILL BE MINE!!!!

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