Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Transform Tuesday...the dreaded closet

Ok, so I have been dreading stepping foot inside Caleb's closet, partly because I could not step foot inside. Now that both boys are in school, and I have a chunk of time to myself, I am ready to start getting this house in order. Hopefully we can all maintain it for a month or so...

Without further ado, this is the closet.

It is an awful, black hole of a closet. Much like my drawers, my closets have never been high on my list of priorities (and especially since I have minimal organizational skills and get bored very quickly). But I feel like a hoarder and that is not good.
I pulled EVERYTHING out of the closet...
and an hour and half, three bags of trash, and two bags of donations later, it is finished. I have Martha Stewart dreams of having color coded tubs, labels, and tags, but let's face it...that is never doing to happen. But it is clean. AHHHHH!

I find comfort in the fact that over a month ago, I cleaned Jansen's closet, and it looks EXACTLY the same! :)

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