Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Whatever Wednesday...Thrift store goodies

In our area, we don't have a Goodwill, but we do have two small thrift stores. Oh, how I wish we had a bigger variety. But I digress...

The kids grabbed a handful of quarters, basically $3 each, and we headed to check out what the stores had to offer. There are a few projects that I have floating around my brain, so I had an idea of what I was looking for. The first store was having a BOGO on puzzles and wouldn't you know, neither one of my boys wanted a puzzle. Caleb left the first store with a stuffed penguin for $0.25 and Jansen picked a stuffed puppy for $0.50. I don't like to buy stuffed animals second-hand, but the boys insisted and I will sanitize.
Jansen's purchases

Caleb's purchases

In the second store Caleb found a transforming tiger for $0.25 and a Curious George book for $0.10. Jansen bought a racing game for $2.00. Caleb came out the big winner spending only $0.60!!!!
Here is my loot for the day...

The Nike shirt is for Jansen, long sleeved for our mild winters.
The Carter's pajamas are for Caleb, who only wears long sleeved pajamas ALL YEAR ROUND. Needless to say he is growing and needs some more.
The Lil' Champ picture frame is brand new and will be a gift. (Please excuse the reflection of my light fixture)
The mirror I LOVE and bought it just for myself.
The glassware is for a project floating in my mind, and the plastic platter will be completely revamped, hopefully this weekend.

Total cost for today...$10.50.

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