Sunday, August 8, 2010

Date night with Kathy Griffin...

This weekend my husband and I spent some quality time together in Houston, and although we were gone only 24 hours, it seems like 3 days. We had a fantastic time.

On Saturday afternoon, we loaded up the children into the car, grabbed their backpacks full of clothes and toys, and dropped them off for an slumber party at their grandparents' house. We were quickly on the road, and after losing 30 pounds and happily knowing I would not be on my diet this weekend, I was ready for a Burger King stop. We had cheeseburgers on the way to the hotel, the Crowne Plaza in downtown Houston. We checked in and took a quiet nap. It's the little things in life! We got dressed for dinner (and I got a chance to wear my gorgeous new heels...
.)and went to Brazos restaurant, ready to eat something new and exciting. Josh likes to eat the same popular standbys, but I am a little more adventurous.

So we ordered calamari for Josh and fried goat cheese with walnuts, cranberries, and candied figs. Holy hell, that was delicious. Then Josh ordered a NY strip steak and I had shrimp and crab capallini.
TO DIE FOR! After full tummy and a glass of wine we were headed to the theater district. We got there a little too early, so we hung out at the bar of a local Italian restaurant. While we were waiting, and old friend texted me asking if we were going to the Kathy Griffin show as well. It turns out we were going to the 6:30 show and they were going to the 9:30 show. We agreed to meet up for drinks in between and catch up.

So into the theater we go, waiting patiently for Kathy to come on stage. We had really good seats on the floor about half way back. She was completely hilarious, and I would definitely pay to see her again ASAP. Afterward, we met up with our friend for drinks at the Hard Rock Cafe and hung out until their show started. Realizing that we do not get out much and needed to take advantage of this time alone, we decided to go see a movie....The Other Guys with Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg. You KNOW how I love a Wahlberg!!! HILARIOUS. We will be buying it as soon as it comes out on DVD. We rolled into the hotel around 1 am and set out our breakfast requests.

8:22 came very early this morning to get our breakfast. I am not used to being up so late anymore. But it is a beautiful thing to be able to enjoy breakfast in bed in peace and quiet.

Such a wonderful weekend and I am sooooo glad we made time for this.

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