Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A little bit of art...

Well today was just one big mess. We awoke this morning to find out, through Facebook, that my husband's grandmother had been life-flighted to Houston. Evidently she had a stroke last night, and we had no idea. So as upsetting as this was, we had no information on her. We finally got a call from a cousin who was with her last night and things are looking ok. Evidently her stroke was on the left side of her brain and so if affects her right side. My mother in law texted me a little while ago to say that she seemed to be improving. My husband starts graveyards tonight and so we were unable to go today for a visit, but hope to get up there this weekend. I originally wanted to go tomorrow, but there are so many people there, I don't want to be a bother. And in that time I was supposed to have lunch with a friend tomorrow, but rescheduled it to Friday. Can't wait for that!!!

A little while ago, I saw this picture and thought it was a great idea..

So I grabbed Caleb's medals to do the same.

As he gets more, I plan on doing an art piece on his wall with them. Just something a little different from just hanging them on his bulletin board. :) I can't remember if I posted these pictures before, and today I am frankly too lazy to look back through to see if I had, so you may be getting a double post. Kind of feels like my mind today :)

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