Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Attempting some organization...

I freely admit my short-comings. The Organization Fairy must have been on a smoke break when it was my turn for the fairy dust, because I have nothing. My car looks like a hoarder lives in it, my drawers are a mish-mash of odds and ends, and my closets, well my closets are actually looking pretty tidy. 1 out of 3 isn't bad, right?

In fact, the envy runs strong for those moms who have color coded, beautifully labeled bins and baskets. Everything has a home; everything has a place. Don't get me wrong, my home is picked up and is certainly not dirty, but it is definitely not organized. Think of how much time we lose because we can't find our keys, the kid's shin-guards, that field trip permission slip, our cell phone charger, my other silver hoop earring, the boy's left shoe. Baby steps for this steps.

This week I worked on a better scheduling system located on our refrigerator. I color coded a new dry erase calendar with Josh being orange, me being purple, Caleb being blue, and Jansen being green. Each soccer practice, game, allergy shot, PTO meeting, party, assignment, dentist appointment is all logged on to this at the beginning of each month. I also included a small dry erase board with approximately 20 different meals written on it for the month. Now, wouldn't it be beautiful if each day was assigned a meal?? Well, it would, but I won't follow through with it, so a monthly meal list is posted and then marked off after cooking. 20 meals leaves room for leftovers and also for dining out, which we do little of. Note my incredible lack of culinary skills...Have I mentioned lately how much I hate to cook?

Next goal, magnetic file holders for the other side of the fridge to put the kids weekly paperwork in. Notice the word WEEKLY??? The other goal is to go through it each Friday for keepers and shredders.

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  1. A whole month's menu planned! I can only do a week at a time, and even that isn't put down on specific days. I give my kids as much routine as possible, but it drives me bonkers so I try to limit it on my own time. My husband, though, would schedule every 15 minutes of our waking hours.