Monday, September 13, 2010

Accidents happen

I doubt I will be able to do much crafting over the next few days as "graceful me" fell at the school and badly sprained my ankle. Yes, it is the same one that I injured a work a few years back. This time, as I walking, I felt a pain in my foot, but kept walking and then I couldn't feel my foot on the next step...fell, and took the skin off the right knee and sprained the left ankle.

GRRRR! As all you moms out there know, there is no time for mom to be sick. Things still need to get done, the house still has to run, dinner still has to be cooked, kids still have to get to school, and volunteering committments still have to be honored.

I am looking to be hobbling around tomorrow. But tonight is the Ice Cream Social and Open House at my boys' school. Medicine taken, and I am ready to limp into the school with the kiddos. Ouch!


  1. Hey, do I need to bring dinner out to your house one night? I will totally do it!!! :)

  2. Thanks for the offer, but I am doing well. Less pain, and more soreness, so that is a good thing. But I am up and moving around a little more ;)