Saturday, September 11, 2010

Cool beans....

Earlier this week, I made THESE and then decided to put off filling them until later. At the beginning of the week, a semi cool front blew through the area and left us with mild 90 degree weather. I was so hoping this would be the sign of Fall and cooler weather, so I could get in my Fall decorating mood.

Nope. Today it is supposed to be 97 degrees, and thus I am just not there yet. I have developed a list of projects that I am ready to make, waiting for the mood to hit.

Last night I rummaged through my pantry, because I was just tired of looking at the empty glasses. Beans! I have bags and bags of beans! LOVE the different layering!!

As a bonus, the dollar store had these precious little pumpkins 2 for $1. So cute!!!

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  1. Hey Aggie! I featured you on my blog! Here's the post.

    Fab ideas! Keep'm coming!