Friday, September 24, 2010

New bedding?

Things have been busy the last few days. The Hub's birthday was successful! YAY! We ate dinner with my parents, had cake, and then while the kids were at school, the hubs and I went to eat lunch and get his tattoo that he has been wanting. When he was 18, he had a deer tattooed on his arm. Oh, to be 18 again, right?! Well, he has been wanting a cover up for a long time and he finally got it. Here is his homage to the Texans mascot Toro...
You can't even see the old deer head underneath, which is way cool. His artist, Jake, drew this out and in a few hours, it was finished!


Recently, we finally purchased a King sized bed, and are slowly getting used to it. Trust me, this bed is huge! And now our once large bedroom seems like a tiny closet with the bed and all our other huge furniture.

So our next project is to tackle this bedroom.
Yes, that is our bed with just sheets on it.

Yes, there is a massive pile of clothes in the corner.

Yes, the pictures over the bed are way too big for that spot now with such a huge headboard.

Now that you are sufficiently blinded by the awesomeness, err crappiness, err disorganization, (I don't have an adjective that can fully describe my feelings) of this room, let's quickly move on.

Little by little, this room will be changed. But FIRST! We need bedding. We don't have a comforter for the bed so we have been sleeping with blankets, hence the picture with just the sheets. Here are some options....
What do you think? I am leaning toward the one in the middle, but haven't committed yet.

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  1. Love the one in the middle, too! And very neat tattoo. Do you have a before picture?