Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The beginning of the mantle decor....

Well, that didn't last long. :)

Yesterday, I fell and sprained my ankle, and believe me, after a completely restless sleep and messing up the splint trying to get my jeans over it, my ankle is swollen big time. But I just can't sit and do nothing, even though I am supposed to be off of my feet.

Compromise! I hobble to get the laundry and throw it in, then hobble back to the couch to prop my foot up and fold. And as I fold, I stare at my mantle. It's blank. So sad.

So I am rummaging through the house to find a few things to start decorating until I can get out and about to buy some fall decor.

I think I am going to go with black and orange, and a little bit of white...here is what I came up with for today.

I just took a handful of my clear marbles, spray painted them, and glued them to the candles I had in the hallway. FREE! And cute. The beginnings of a Halloween/Fall mantle...yay!!!

Now, I have to go prop my throbbing foot up!! OUCH :(


  1. How cute!! What an easy way to dress up some candles!

  2. SO Cute.. and probably so easy to do. great idea. Come check out our site for new yummy reicpes

  3. You spray painted the baubles? Seriously?

    I never would have thought of that.