Saturday, September 11, 2010

Completely frivolous cruise post!

Ok, so I just got an email from our cruiseline telling me that there are only 53 days until our cruise! WOW! That just snuck up on me. My husband and I have been planning this for almost a year and now it is staring us right in the face.

Of course, the email was full useful information: what to bring, how to tip, excursions, itinerary, etc. This cruise will be a 4 day cruise to the Western Carribbean, which is basically Cozumel. Josh and I wanted to motivate and reward ourselves for losing weight with the goal being 30 pounds each. What could be more motivating than the thought of wearing a bathing suit in a tropical environment? And it helps that we are only an hour from Galveston, the port for Carnival we don't have to pay for air fare! BONUS!!! (PS I have lost 30 pounds and am looking to lose about 15-20 more.)

The email stated that each passenger can only have 2 bags, limit of 50 pounds. UGH. Such limitations. Yes, I realize that it's only a 4 day cruise, but look at Gilligan's Island. That was only supposed to be a 3 hour tour!

I am a planner and this 2 bag rule really scares me. So I spent the afternoon pulling outfits out of the closet and getting everything packed in a trial run. I love to be prepared and absolutely HATE it when unexpected things come up. Murphy's Law, right??!!!

So here is what I have, planned out by day. Everything was purchased over the course of this year, on sale! My fave was the bathing suit for a whopping $15 and the khaki cargo skort for $4. Woohoo. Anyway, without further ado...THE PLAN!

Wearing this Thursday to the ship (with my FAVE Yellow Box shoes, Thanks, Mom!)

Thursday night at dinner (super cute Lia Sophia earrings)

Friday at sea...(Playing Bingo, slots, and swimming in the pool)

Friday night dinner (with my It's Complicated look-a-like clutch)

Saturday (Dune buggy tropical excursion, followed by parasailing in my $15 suit)

Love the purple terry cloth coverup (Thanks Old Navy!)

Saturday Captain's Dinner (Can finally fit in this dress I bought 2 years ago!!)

Sunday at sea (Coming back home, Thanks again Old Navy)

Sunday Dinner ( our last hurrah)

Monday debarking back home at 8am



  1. OMG, I LOVE that Friday night dinner outfit!!!!!!!!! Where, where, where did you get it?!!?! :)

    (P.S. The rest of them are fab too, but that was my fave)