Monday, September 20, 2010

Fall additions...

I ventured out today to get some supplies for the hubs' birthday cake I will be baking tonight, and decided to pick up two bags of fall decor to start sprinkling around the house. Payday is still a LONG 4 days away, so I really had to stop myself, or I could have gone CA-RAZY in the the store.

I left with my cake supplies, a $3 bag of acorns, and a $6 box of mixed glitter pumpkins. Little does this company know, that I will be using the items AND the plastic box and ribbon that the pumpkins were packaged in. I'm very, very sneaky!

So here is what I brought home....
I put a few pieces in my cloche...please excuse the glare from the window I had open..

And threw some acorns and pears in my Pottery Barn knock-off bowl that I picked up at a thrift store for like 50 cents...

And THEN realized that I am hosting Bunco next month and can totally make dice out of the plastic packaging all the pumpkins came in. :) I want to go back and get the box of mixed gourds for a garland I am going to make, and then I will have the match to make a pair of dice!!

On deck for the week:
  • make the hubs' birthday cake
  • Fall garland
  • begin plastic box transformation to Bunco dice
  • jute containers
  • beaded pumpkins

I may be doing most of that this weekend since payday is FRIDAY!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!

Pictures of the birthday cake to come :)

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