Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tropical storm rains

As Tropical Storm Hermine rolls into South Texas, we are inundated with rain. Rain, rain, rain. Oh and rain. And more rain.

Rain=LAZY, and the struggle against being lazy today. The boys are at school, I am not getting out of this house for ANYTHING (but to pick them up from school), and the morning has been spent cleaning.

In order to keep my home in decent, working order, I constantly remind myself of two important phrases:
1. Never leave a room empty handed. It is flat out shocking how easy things accumulate, and I often remind myself to pick them up as I cruise through my house. Pick it up, take it to its home, put it away so that leaves me with less work later, and I love that. Which leads me to.....
2. Only touch something once. This is so difficult for me. Case in point, LAUNDRY. Now I don't mind washing, drying, and folding laundry, but that is where I lose steam. Neat piles of folded towels, shirts, and socks will sit on my bar for two days if I am not careful. I actually have to tell myself, "Put away the clothes, dishes, mail, etc".
Even clean clutter clutters my mind.

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