Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Accent wall accents

Remember how I told you about our financial goals for 2011???? That means that we are Dave Ramsey-ing it.

Let's just say it, yes....it works. It is difficult to get started, but it is working. We just paid off our Lowes bill. Cut that credit card up baby and it's only February!!!!

That means that my craft/decorating allowance is next to nothing in the budget. Ok, so I can handle that. It is forcing me to be more creative, and BONUS...more green. Which means more GREEN in our pockets...err...put onto our debt. :)

When I finished the accent wall this weekend,(you can find that project HERE ) it sat for two days completely blank. I can't afford to buy anything new right now, so it was time to search the house for things to switch around.

I moved the table and accessories from the entry way to here, and moved this picture from another room to sit on top. I like it. It was free. I like it even more.

Now my entry way looks a little bare, but much more room for the kids when they are barreling down the hall to not knock themselves out on the table. :)


  1. Hi Amber, thanks so much for linking up to my blog bash K.I.S.S. Love the wall, the table & accents really tie it all together nicely. I am happy to let you know you won this weeks giveaway. Please contact me at thetatteredtag@gmail.com and let me know where to have it mailed. :)


  2. It looks nice, very homey! Thanks for linking up to Beyond The Picking Fence.