Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lego party...part 2

Ok, Ok...I know that I am making two posts in one day, but I am super excited about how the party decorations are turning out. You will have to wait until May to see it all put together in party form....but I am making everything when I have time.

Today, I had time after my fabulous new haircut. Basically, it's the same haircut, just fixed fancier since my stylist did it today.

I looked at my list to see what I could tackle and the next thing on the list was a bunting for the mantle and for the window by my dining table. As I was working on this, I realized that another one needs to be made for our little game room and I totally forgot. BUT, I only have time to make bunting #3 must wait until tomorrow.

Preciousness, your name is Lego.....

So all I did was hang a string of twine from my curtain rod. I made the pennants with an extra little tab on the top so that it could be folded over, and the flag could just be set on the twine. Same thing with the Lego man face. I traced his face on yellow card stock folded in half so he could be easily moved around on the twine to find the spacing I like best. Coloring in two eyes and a cute little mouth, and he is finished.

On to the mantle.

I had a pack of primary colored 8.5" X 11" cardstock so this was FREE. I cut some cardstock into smaller squares and left some traditional size. Then I punched out circles, wrote LEGO on them, and used double stick tape to attach them to the "brick". I love the way it looks 3D because of the tape. Then I just tacked it to the mantle. Super-de-duper-cute.

Jansen is getting really excited and he still has 3 more months until his birthday. Mommy is really excited too. I just want my boys to have parties they love and remember without Mommy and Daddy having to pay a fortune.

Cost for these banners (and the 3rd one I will make tomorrow)????? $4.97 for the twine, which I will be using for the banners, balloons, and pinata...and various other projects. YAY!!!

How simple can this be?!

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  1. Amber!! You are so incredibly creative! This is going to look Soooooo great!!!!