Monday, February 7, 2011

Hold up, what???

So things on the accent wall front are at a stand-still. My husband, in his infinite wisdom, awoke from his slumber from working a ridiculous amount of days on graveyards to the light pencil drawings on the living room wall.

Then he said the thing that brought my total happiness and excited attitude to a full on WTH, sour face, head turning, "I KNOW you aren't talking to me" halt.

"What is that? I really wish you would leave the walls alone."

Are you kidding me???? Our walls are ALL THE SAME COLOR BEIGE!!!! Beige walls, beige couches, beige tile, beige fireplace surround, beige bathrooms, BEIGE. I seriously feel like I am living in a giant cup of cappuccino with too much creamer.

I decided that he must be delusional from his lack of sleep and grumpy from his 8 days on, 12 hour day graveyard schedule, and tried to shake it off. But the sad fact is, I can't. Because right after this conversation, another argument ensued regarding his which I prickled...and yelled.

Was that right of me? No. my husband sacrifices a lot so that I have the luxury of staying home with my children.

So now I am left with a dilemma. To continue the wall because I love it....To continue the wall just because he told me not to (because unfortunately, that is my first instinct)....or to discontinue and paint over all of my hard work. My labor of love.

I feel disappointed.


  1. I say do it and then say... if you dont like it I will paint over it!

  2. Is he generally opposed to projects or is this one different?

    My husband usually opposes all my projects. Than I tell him he won't have to do a thing (which is so not true) and its going to look great. If he still opposes I make him look at pictures of what I want to do until he agrees.

    I wouldn't do it without his ok. It's his home too. But I would ask him to let you finish it and live with it for a week.

    My husband is so proud of our home and shows it to all his friends.