Friday, February 4, 2011

Tissue pom poms

The kids and I are stuck in the house today because of the storm, and on top of that, the hubs is on graveyards. So we have to find some quiet projects to do today.

Traditionally, I am not a big Valentine's Day lover. I guess it's cool and all, but I don't feel all giddy inside like when I decorate for the winter holidays. Usually, I don't decorate at all for Valentine's Day or St. Patrick's day, but I do spruce things up for Spring and Easter.

This will probably be the extent of my Valentine decor...pretty non-specific. No hearts and glitter, although I LOVE all the cute Valentine crafts out in blog land.

So we made tissue paper pom-poms, and attached them to some small pillar candles.

I love that they are so big to almost completely cover the candles. And there they sit, perched atop my mantle. :)

Side note: my cute oldest son with Autism, Caleb, continues to learn many different social "rules". As I type, I hear the following from his room.

THUD (Jansen trips and falls on his hand)

Caleb: Oh, Jansen are you ok?

Jansen: Yes, I told you I am always ok.

Caleb: Yes, but Jansen when you fall down, I say, "Are you ok?" I do not laugh when you fall. It is not funny. You could get hurt. So, I will ask you again, "are you ok?"

Jansen: Thanks Caleb. I'm ok. I think I will go eat lunch now.

Caleb is so matter of fact. He always has to repeat a rule, or repeat the guidelines. We are now trying to teach him how to make a "mental note" of things, and let the rule play in his head but not out of his mouth. Work in progress ;)

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