Thursday, February 17, 2011

Updated free!

Yet again, my mom has gifted me with something she no longer sees a use for. Prehaps she just doesn't like it...anyway, I gladly accepted it.

Yesterday, I went to my mom's house to help her hang a few things, do a little rearranging, and work on some of my crafts while the hubs slept. Did I mention that I actually like when my hubs is on graveyards? After the kids go to bed, I can veg out on the couch with the TV and work on my crafts :)

Anyway! My mom had a pile of things she was ready to donate to the local resale shop...but before she did so, I got to go through it. She had a retro-style, small tv/dvd player combo that is now living in Jansen's room! :) And she had this really dated pitcher. I remember seeing this in our house growing up and thinking that it just looked ancient.

It was in the donate pile, but soon found it's way into the back of my car. I don't like the design of it AT ALL, but I think it has some beautiful curves and lines. So I took it outside for a coat of glossy white paint.

Look how sad she was...

But now she is shiny and new...

I am still working on the bowl, so it's renovation is not in the picture. Now I just have to find the perfect spot for her and we have a brand new accessory for $0. YAY!!!

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