Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Backpack organization

All over blogland I have seen great examples of organizational tools...and let's face it. I am organizationally challenged. But, I did make a little piece that marries form and function beautifully, if I do say so myself.

Some of you might remember the HANGER that I made from cabinet doors from the corner shelving my mom gave me. Although I love hanging it in my room, I don't like the cluttered look it had from all of my purses. Now those purses hang neatly in my newly organized closet.

And for a while now, I have been wanting to get rid of this....

Just because that kind of clutter is driving me crazy. It is the first thing people see when coming into my house from the garage. Actually, our tiny and oddly shaped laundry room is what people see first, then this cluttered mess.

This is the picture of said tiny and oddle shaped laundry room. Please disregard the laundry waiting to be washed on the floor.

That far wall is seen when you walk into the laundry room from the house, but when walking in from the garage, it is hidden behind the door. Perfect place for some storage for the backpack issue.

While I thought of creating a beadboard wall with hooks, and then I took a look at my bank account. I have to find ways to create for next to nothing. So I rummaged around through my house looking for something free or something that I could make on the cheap.

Enter my former purse hanger :)

It wasn't serving any other purpose than being a decorative item on my bedroom wall, and in the laundry room, it fits perfectly.

Also, I went through my little sock basket. See this basket...

This is where I put all my lonely socks. You KNOW you are always left with that stupid one sock that doesn't have it's mate when all the laundry is done. When this happens, I throw it in the little basket and after a month, I go through it and start matching. I can usually make about 5 matches. Today I made 6 and threw away 4 lonely socks. Actually, those socks go into my dusting drawer, but they are no longer taking up space in the lonely sock basket.


  1. Great JOB! I Love creative organization, I am in the middle of organizing my craft room. come over & check it out.

  2. Very pretty! It is on my to do list to just throw out the mismatched socks this month. I swear they have been mutliplying!