Thursday, February 3, 2011

Kids and Valentines

Both of my kids were given the choice of making Valentines for their class or buying them. Surprisingly, both chose to make them.

So we went in search of fun and easy craft to make that included a little candy. It's a Free Food day at school, which means they can eat whatever they want that day.

Jansen chose to make two different Valentines for the girls and boys. Butterflies for the girls and green aliens for the boys.

We went with construction paper for him, because it is easier for his little Kindergarten fingers to cut construction paper than cardstock. Really, cardstock would have worked better, especially for the butterflies, but they turned out super cute anyway.

Caleb chose cherry lollipops and cardstock flowers. We found these great glitter pages at Hobby Lobby and Caleb chose a pink version for the girls and a blue version for the boys. A little cutting, some glue, and they were finished. He was really proud of them.

The lazy mom in me wanted to just go to the dollar store, buy a bunch of boxes of candy hearts and have the kids sign them. But the kids said no. Craft time it is!

Glad they are done...there are a lot of kids in their classes!

In other happenings, this Arctic Blast has made it's way down to the coast. They are forecasting snow tonight and tomorrow, and since we are beach people and have no idea to do with snow, school is closed tomorrow!!! The kids and I are going to play games in our jammies, drink hot chocolate by the fire, and bake cookies. No cookies for me because I am in a weight loss competition going on until mid March.

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