Sunday, February 20, 2011

The tax man cometh...

...and he deliverith us a check! WHOOP!

Me no longer working outside the home really is paying off :)

As I mentioned before, we are doing a Dave Ramsey plan...not following it to a T, but pretty closely. So once we got this refund check, we knew just what to do with it. We divided it...1/3 went into our savings account, 1/3 went to pay down debt, and then with the other 1/3 we stashed a little for our upcoming family trip to Jellystone and for our anniversary weekend at L'Auberge du Lac, and used the rest to buy a couple new things.

We bought a trundle bed and mattress to go under Jansen's bed and bought a brand new living room rug.
That's right my friends...brand spankin' new. It is just beautiful. And better was a closeout special that was 70% off!!!!

And Josh even got a little bit more taken off because we were buying the trundle and mattress there as well. :)

So back to Dave Ramsey. It is not easy, but it totally has brought me into a better state of mind when dealing with our finances. Now with every bit of money I get...through selling things, paychecks, garage sales, bonuses...I think about how amazing it would be able to save/spend that money. And instead it all goes to paying off debt. I never want to be in this position again...a slave to debt that most cannot even be accounted for. It's the American way right?!

Happy tax season everyone. I hope you are blessed with a big fat return!


  1. I am really inspired by you guys and I am going to look into dave Ramsey...would you reccomend a book or a website?

  2. I got a lot of my info off of He lays out a step by step plan starting with $1000 emergency fund before tackling debt. That is so much easier than getting 3-6 months worth of expenses before addressing the debt. I also read just for good money saving ideas.

  3. :) Awesome!! Sounds like a great way to spend some hard-earned money. :D