Friday, November 18, 2011

Dental work...

Well, I guess it is my turn for the dental work. I know, it is my fault because I haven't gone to the dentist in about 10 years, but geez...this is super expensive, even with insurance.

So I went in about 6 weeks ago for a new patient consultation. They took Xrays and checked out my teeth...found 3 cavities. Awesomesauce.

They scheduled me another appointment for two weeks later to have the deluxe "it's been 10 years since you have had a cleaning" cleaning.

Then two weeks later another appointment to fill the first a totally weird side/back part of my molar. Then scheduled another appointment to bond my two front teeth that I chipped when Caleb was a baby and I was pregnant with Jansen. Caleb was running and I bent down to pick him up at the same time he jumped up and crashed his hard head into my mouth.

That appointment was this week with a final combo filling appointment the week after Thanksgiving. She also sent me to a periodontist to see about a possibly gingivectomy. That appointments was this week as well, it ended poorly, and needless to say, no gingivectomy for me. It would be major bone surgery to the tune of over $5, 000! Sure, let me get my checkbook out.

Since the front two teeth were bonded, I noticed that my bite was a little off...and just chalked it up to needing to get used to the new bite. So I sat down to breakfast of peanut butter toast, but down and felt my bottom teeth hit my top teeth in a funny way and tried to correct it and then CHIPPED THE TOOTH NEXT TO THE ONES THAT WERE FIXED ON TUESDAY!!!!

Like a totally jagged tooth...poking into the side of my mouth. UGH!

I called the dentist and she got me in this morning, filed down the bonding, and then bonded the other tooth. Even with insurance all this dental work is costing us over $500!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!

Dave Ramsey, look the other way.....I just put it all on my credit card and will pay it off with Christmas money. Bummer. At least we have dental insurance...I am super thankful for that.

The thing that chaps my hide is that when I called the insurance company to ask about why I am having to pay over 50% of each filling, she told me that I got the white fillings. I told her that they didn't give me a choice, it was just what they used and I am seeing a dentist in my insurance's network. The insurance lady nicely told me that most dentists only use the white fillings if that is the case....WHY DON'T YOU ADJUST YOUR COVERAGE TO REFLECT THE TREND???? But that if I had a procedure without anesthesia, that would make a huge difference in our payment.

Um, who wants to have their teeth drilled on without any numbing medication? Are you crazy?

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  1. I have a love/hate relationship with insurance. I love that it pays my bills, I hate that it's so stupid. :)