Saturday, November 12, 2011

Homemade marbled ornaments

It's almost time to get the boys' little Christmas trees out of the attic!!!! That means it is time for some more homemade ornaments.

Oh how I love getting children's little handmade projects. Beaded wreaths, handprint reindeer, pipe cleaner candy canes. They are just too precious to not display...but you cannot display your masterpieces on our family tree. Sorry if that makes me a bad parent, but I like my tree a certain way with a certain look and it does not include any of the above homemade items.

And so, each child gets their own tree to decorate with all their goodies, however they wish, and they keep them in their rooms :)

This year the boys marble painted clear ornaments. Might I say...the boys loved this. It was easy, a little messy, and fun! All the things that kids love!!!!

Here is how we did it:

We hit up a great 50% off sale at HobLob and came with coupons! We got a big box of clear mini globes ornaments and some metallic paints. The boys picked all the colors and got to work.

They each picked color combinations, poured a little bit of each color into the ornament, and started rolling until the entire inside was covered. Once we put the tops back on, they totally looked professional!

Each one is completely different and totally unique. For $6 and an hour's worth of work, this activity was completely worth it. The boys can't wait until we get their trees down so they can cover them with their masterpieces.


  1. Love these and can't wait to see their trees! :D

  2. LoVe, lOvE, LOVE...I have got to do this with my five-year old next week! She will love it. Thanks!!! April