Friday, November 18, 2011

My Christmas list...

Like many women out there, I think that I am really easy to buy for. The best part is, I love practical gifts. Sure, it would be great to get a diamond ring, earrings, or a brand new black Range Rover with leather interior.....but is that going to happen? No. :)

I usually give the hubs a list of things that I would like to have, with a list of stores where they are located and then he picks and chooses what he would like to get me from that list. Sometimes it is one or two things, and when I have a short list....3 or 4. One year he got me an ipod nano and a Kitchen Aid mixer!!!! Both of these things are used constantly!!!! Great investment :)

So in no particular order, no particular category, regardless of price, here is my letter to my Santa.

Dear Santa,
This year I have been exceptionally know this because you have been watching. My list is simple, do what you wish and I will act completely surprised. I am thankful beyond words for the blessings our family has been given this year. We hope to share the blessings as much as we can throughout the year, not just at Christmas time. So without further ado, here is my list. I would like:

1. A GE 3-Crock Slow Cooker Buffet

2. A pair of saddle seat bar stools in walnut (29 iches)

3. Vanna slouch boots with buckles from Maurices in black-size 8

4. STriped Dolman Burnout sweater from Maurices-Large

5. Metal and Shell disc drop earrings from Maurices
Thank you very much,

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  1. Ho, Ho, Ho!!! I hope that Santa gets that first one!!! We can make some sweet meals in that for parties! haha