Friday, November 11, 2011

Operation Christmas Child

How I love Samaritan's Purse! It is time to fill a shoe box for children around the world.

This year I let each of my kids fill a box for their choice of child. Caleb chose a girl aged 5-9 and Jansen chose a boy aged 10-14. This is how to fill a box....

1. Locate a shoe box. That's no problem for us, because I save my shoe boxes and use them for everything. Toy and supply organization and for gift boxes!

2. Pick who you will be providing for.

3. Fill the box. I gave each of my children $10 and some coupons and we hit the stores (and our gift closet). I also asked each of my children to donate $1 of their own money to buy for children that may not have all the blessings that we have had.

Each of my children purchased these items on their own. They chose, and I said yes or no based on the Samaritan's Purse guidelines of what to include in the boxes.

Here is what Caleb came up with:

  • sidewalk chalk set
  • a Christmas book
  • a Dora activity set
  • some colorful toothbrushes
  • a frog body poof
  • a Littlest Pet Shop toy
  • a stuffed butterfly
Here is what Jansen came up with:
  • a fleece blanket throw
  • a black cap
  • toothbrushes
  • a sudoku book
  • some rockin' erasers
  • a mega pack of gum
4. Wrap the box and go online to pay for shipping and print out a label to attach to the top of the box. I printed the kind that had a bar code, so the kids and I can track our packages. It will be so interesting to see where our boxes end up!

It was difficult to convince Jansen that we were buying for someone else and not for him. His 6 year old mind just couldn't wrap around the fact that there are people who are less fortunate than him and it is our obligation to help those in need whenever we can. Hopefully we can do more during this holiday season to help others and nurture that giving spirit inside my boys!

For more information on this HERE

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