Thursday, November 10, 2011

Epic FAIL in Mom-dom

This week, something awful happened. My oldest came to me one evening complaining that he was itchy. So after he got out of the shower, I checked his skin and found that the was covered in red bumps. Bites actually. Mosquitos down here have been horrible so I chalked it up to him playing outside with the boys from down the street. He didn't want any cream on them, so he just ran off to bed on his own.

The next morning I went in to wake him up...which is a rarity because he is such an early bird, and his bed was covered in ANTS!!!!!

I screamed and started throwing his sheets off his bed. As I reached for the pillow to take the pillowcase off, I saw that he had shoved a half eaten bag of marshmallows under his pillow...and the bag was full of ants.


Those ants had been munching on him all night. I griped at him about having food in his room and threw everything in hot water to wash. A quick spray under his bed and around his bunk bed and the sheets were back of ants.

I feel terrible. This poor kid is covered in ant bites. He is constantly itching. UGH. Mom of the year...right here.

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  1. That happened to me and my sister- ants in our bed in TWO SEPARATE ROOMS. My mom was convinced that we had food, it was just the icky ant invasion.