Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treating

Tonight's trick or treating was super fun. It was my turn to take the kids around the neighborhood while my husband stayed home to hand out candy. Our neighborhood shuts down! Usually our neighbors sit in their front yards with buckets of candy passing out to all the creepy, scary, adorable children. There are hay rides and haunted houses, hot dogs and games....it is really fun.

So my friend Carmela and her husband brought their children over so the husbands could hand out candy and the wives could trick or treat.

We had Captain Rex, Clone Trooper

Darth Vader

the fight between good and evil

A blushing bride

An Angry Bird

and a Little Red Riding Hood

Those kids had a blast...got tons of loot, and even ate a hot dog or two.

The highlight was coming home, going through all the candy, and playing while Carmela and I hit up Sonic for $0.50 corn dogs. We rolled into the drive thru:

Sonic: Thank you for choosing Sonic, how may I help you?

Carmela: We need three large french fries and 20 corn dogs. (laughter)

Sonic: How many?

Carmela: 20

Sonic: That will be $17.29 please pull forward.

Those fed 5 adults and 7 children :) Yummy Halloween!


  1. Mmm....Sonic. Great costumes! We had a Star Wars theme over here too.

  2. Halloween fun!! :) What good memories!!