Monday, November 7, 2011

Fall Festival done!

Friday night was our school's Fall Festival and it was my first year as President to organize it all. Thank goodness there were so many amazing volunteers to help out. It really does take a village. Often times I wonder if parents realize how much the PTO does for their school and for the kiddos. I know it isn't everyone's THING, but parents need to know that if there isn't someone to help, the kids don't get to do things.

This year we had a fundraiser, and one of the incentives for selling items was a limo ride and a pizza party at the park. It was a huge hit! My oldest sold enough, but my youngest didn't and boy he wished he did once he saw that limo! So that was last week.

We also provide grade level prizes monthly, for students to read and make good grades on book tests. This month's delivery was last week as well.

And finally, the festival was Friday. I can't show any pictures of it, because honestly...I couldn't. I was running around trying to put out fires! I just kept repeating in my head...You are GRACE under pressure, you are grace under pressure. So hopefully, I can show off our parents' hard work soon.

The one thing I can show is the balloon dart game we made really quickly. We had this:

It was an extra game that we couldn't really use this year, but wanted to revamp it a little.

So I enlisted the help of my oldest child, Caleb....

did a little reworking....

and finished with this...

The kids seemed to really love this game :) In fact, it seemed like our families really had a great time with the moonwalks, trainrides, face painting and hair tinsel, games, clowns, balloons, sno cones, cotton candy, popcorn, pizza, hot dogs, candy, pickles, nachos, bbq and so on. One year, I would really love to just go to this as a parent with my kiddos. :)

And after the whole thing was over, I could barely walk my feet hurt so bad. So a few of the PTO moms got together to get pedicures.....

I love my polka dots!!!! So nice to get a little relaxation after two months of stressful preparation. On to the holidays...baking, crafting, cooking, and decorating. It's the most wonderful time of the year!!!!!!!!

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