Monday, February 3, 2014

100 days of school shirt

It's already time for the 100th day of school. I just cannot believe it!

Jansen told me on Friday that they were supposed to wear a shirt with 100 things on it, but he doesn't know when. And of course, there has been no letter home from the school. Don't even get me started on the lack of communication this year! UGH!

Are you really depending on an 8 year-old to give me accurate information?! Anyway...

We are having to spend a good deal of money on several things in the upcoming months and we over-stretched ourselves over the holidays, so this needs to be free. It's not like he is ever going to wear the shirt again. 

So, we had a plain white shirt. Free. We have paints and markers. Free. We have tissue paper. Free. We are making a popcorn shirt with 100 kernels of tissue paper popcorn glued to it. 

Here is the shirt after I drew out the popcorn box and half way painted it. It doesn't have to be looks a little vintage. 

And here it is with 100 tissue paper kernels glued to it. 

Free and now I wait until I get information on when he needs to wear it. :)

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