Thursday, February 6, 2014

Pokemon gift bags....

So Jansen's birthday is in May, and I am pretty sure that he has changed his mind three times now about what his theme should be. First it was Camping, then it was Sonic, and now it is Pokemon. I told him he isn't allowed to change it anymore!

He is hard core into Pokemon so I am sure that this is going to stick. 

Anyway, while I am working on Caleb's party details for next month, I am gathering supplies for Jansen's as well. I started with gift bags. Target had a huge package of red paper bags on sale for about $2.00 so we purchased one of those. 

Then I made personalized pokeballs with Jansen's name and age on them, printed them on card stock, cut them out, and glued them to the bags. 

I am still debating on what to fill them with. We are spending a significant amount of money on the venue and the cake since we are personalizing it, so I am trying to make many of the other aspects.Especially since the child wants to invite his entire class of 24 children. Not all 24 will come but I am making 24 bags for those that do come and will bring siblings :). 

I have a plan to make some pokeball necklaces. Jansen will probably want to put in some packages of Pop Rocks. He also mentioned buying a set of 60 pokemon cards and putting 2 in each bag, so that is an option. I'll probably go to the dollar store and get some glow bracelets or some other kind of prepackaged party favor. 

We plan on providing pizza, drinks, cake, and goody bags. Whew. Party planning is something!!

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