Wednesday, February 5, 2014

New/Used Trombone....

Caleb has been talking about playing the trombone for about two years now. We know he is musically inclined because he took piano and his teacher kept making comments about him writing his own music as they played. 

A couple of years ago, my friend and I took our children to our local college to kids' music program. They had high school and college band and orchestra members seated at tables with instruments that the children could hold and try out. 

Caleb went right to the trombone and started playing it. Of course he wasn't playing actual music, but he was able to instantly produce sounds, which is more than I can say for me when I was his age trying to learn clarinet. 

Anyway, band begins in August and over the summer, parents are scrambling to find various instruments to purchase so that children can practice at home. We knew we were going to have to purchase an instrument so we put some money back, and started looking. 

We have a local website through Varage Sale where people post items they are looking to sell. Lo and behold, I was finally able to find a gently used, student trombone with a case and a slide in perfect condition. The brass was a bit discolored and it needs to be oiled, but it came with everything he needs to begin band. was $150! 

Caleb was so excited. He ripped that case open like it was Christmas. He and his dad put it together and he started playing. 

Musical instruments are so expensive!!! We were very happy to purchase a used instrument to begin his band experience with and if he continues into high school, we can invest in a new one. 

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