Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Name brand clothes on the cheap!

Caleb is in intermediate school and I think, by far, intermediate school is the most difficult years of a kid's life. High school is tough, but 5-8th grades are nuts. These students are going from kids to teens, hormones are raging, and cliques are forming. 

My child is already different. He is a bit odd, a bit quirky, and is difficult for children to understand and accept. We have dealt with a little bit of bullying but not too much, thankfully. 

In intermediate school, looks matter. And while I don't like to focus on such a shallow view, I do want my children to be clean, presentable, and fashionable. That is just one less thing that they can be teased for. That said, I am not going into the poor house to buy Hollister, Under Amour, and Aeropostale clothing. 

I swear, every day in the pick-up line, 90% of the kids are wearing these brands. It can get expensive quickly. 

In my drive for thriftiness, I plan ahead, keep my eyes open, shop the sales, and thrift store shop. Today, I think I got a great deal on a bunch of Aero shirts in the next size up for Caleb.  I got all this....for $35. Each shirt was a bit over $4 each. Yay! 

These have been washed with some Downy Unstoppables and will be hung in the closet, ready for Back to School in August. I love being ahead of the game!

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