Sunday, February 2, 2014

Finally finished Autism tattoo!

Yesterday, we surprised one of my friends with a trip to Kemah and a tattoo for her 40th birthday. Those events were her choice, so that's what we did. I will blog about that in a bit. 

Anyway, we came back to our town to get her tattoo. A group of five of us rolled into the shop and two of us got tattoos. While we were waiting for the artist to draw up her tattoo, I asked one of the other artists about the possibility of "fixing" my red puzzle piece on my left foot. The previous artist drew some lines in it that I was never really sold on, so I always wanted just to color it in. 

He took a look and told me that he had an appointment coming in but he thought he could fill in that puzzle piece in less than 5 minutes. Sold!

So he filled it in, and we were still waiting on Lupe's drawing. The guy asked me if I wanted the other puzzle pieces since his appointment was over an hour late. My thought? Now or never; let's do it. 

I was done with my tattoo before Lupe even started hers. He was taking FOREVER!

Um, it hurt. It hurt BAD! The green one by my ankle was making my toes twitch and I kept trying to be as still as possible. But it HURT!

Now I am very happy with it. I am glad that it is finished and over with. I am glad that it is such a vibrant color. And I am glad that it pays tribute to my son. :)

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