Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Deal of the Day!

I had $30 worth of Kohls Cash burning a hole in my purse thanks to my mother, so while I was out this morning, I headed over there to see what kinds of deals I could score.

Turns out, there were several things I saw that I wanted for me, but in the end, I bought shirts for Jansen. Why buy myself one blouse when I could get Jansen 3 shirts?!

There was a quite large 60% off rack in the back and the most expensive item was $10. So I left the store with these:

A blue Tony Hawk short sleeved shirt, a blue Vans short sleeved shirt, and a black Tony Hawk long sleeved shirt. 

And I still had $1.61 in Kohls cash left. Not much I could do with that, but I tried to get as close to $30 as possible. Thanks to my mom for sharing her savings as I didn't pay a penny for those shirts. I think I am going to set them all back for Back to School wear. They are a bit big, after all. 

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