Thursday, February 20, 2014

Team Savannah cupcakes

There is a precious little first grader at my son's school that is battling for her life right now. She is currently in the hospital battling cancer. Cancer sucks. It sucks in older people, middle aged people, but it especially sucks in little children. It would be such an honor to eventually be a pediatric oncology nurse. That is my dream job!

Anyway, there is a benefit over the next two days to help pay for her medical bills. Most of the time I hate living in such a small town, but it is times like this that I love it. Our school and town is very small but we stick together like glue!

The least I can do is provide some baked goodies for the bake sale tomorrow. So after I made this actually delicious low carb dinner...

I made these cupcakes for sweet little Savannah's bake sale...

I hope we can raise a lot of money to help this family out. She is a doll!  Check out her Facebook page for more information. #TeamSavannah!

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