Thursday, February 13, 2014

Oh Valentine's Day....

My husband and I really don't participate in Valentine's Day. Both of us agree that it is just "holiday" created to put unjust pressure on men to sweep their significant others off their feet, or forever be punished.

With the advent of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the like...everyone posts their gifts and whatnot, and then others see it and secretly plot 50 ways to kill their lover because they weren't as thoughtful. 

Nope, I don't buy it. Flowers are nice, but they die and I always think of a million other things I could have bought with that money. Jewelry is always acceptable and beautiful, but meh....I am just not super excited about jewelry. I like practical things. Vacuums are amazing, but I don't want to get a cleaning product for Valentine's Day. So you see, it is a no-win with me. 

I am totally an acts of service individual. If my husband would quietly help my kids with their homework, or take them to get hair cuts and to the movies or something like that, I would love him forever. The slightly sad fact is, he is a work-a-holic. So we take what we can get. 

So, I spend the majority of Valentine's Day making sure that my children know that they are my Valentines. But this year, even though I am super angry with my husband, I wanted to just do a little something for him when he comes home tomorrow morning. 

We had an argument before he left for work tonight and I was really not in a loving mood. But as I started thinking of all the qualities I love about my husband, the anger started to melt away. Now I am back to love. Easy, right?! Not always. But this is my Valentine to my husband. Happy Valentine's Day, my love. 

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