Sunday, April 10, 2011

Blingy Picture Frame....

Tonight, as I was digging through mountains of laundry and sorting it all out, I came across this...

It is a shirt that I bought from Torrid about 3 years ago, and it is awesome! I love rhinestones, sparklies, blingies...if it is shiny, it should be mine. Unfortunately, I only wore it twice, because on the second wearing, 3 rhinestones came off and vanished. So in typical lazy fashion, I must have shoved it at the bottom of the laundry hamper.

The sad thing is, how long has it been there? Who knows! And I must not have ever gotten to the bottom of my hamper when I did laundry because there it sat. I promise...we are not dirty. I do laundry, I swear!

So I ripped off all the cute little rhinestones, grabbed a natural wood picture frame I had in a box, spray painted it white, got out my trusty hot glue gun, and went to town.

I LOVE IT! This is so me. If these were shoes...I would wear them around my house while I cleaned. And yes, this is a picture of the hubs and I last November on our weight loss cruise. Ah sweet tropical Cozumel, how I miss you....

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  1. Great idea! The frame is awesome.

  2. Amber, I love this,what a great idea,you know that you have given us a great idea, I think I've shoved some of these way back in the drawers too,I need to get them out and copy cat,yip-pee,I'm inspired,thanks for sharing.
    I'm visiting from amaze me Monday,dittledattle.
    I'm new follower, come over to lazyonloblolly and follow back if you can,and see what me and the Mr made for our herb garden.

  3. This is sooo awesome! What a wonderful way to upcycle your shirt and give it new life! Love it! Hope you will share wtih my Pink Hippo Party @