Sunday, April 3, 2011

Computer down, computer down...

This morning I woke up and went to turn on the computer...everything powers up except for the monitor. All the lights are on and the screen is just black. So I call Dell tech support and was instantly whisked away to India. Ugh, it is so difficult to understand what they are saying. Am I being punk'd? Am I on an episode of Outsourced?

Anyway, I was told that they want to help me, but they can't. What's the reason? My warranty expired YESTERDAY! Seriously, like 7 hours before I made this phone call. EPIC FAIL!! But not to worry, they can help me for the low, low price of $300!

Um, no. I literally said to the guy, "Are you crazy?" to which he retorts, "No ma'am, I don't think so."

And my precious tech savvy husband is on a shut down at work, working crazy hours, and I really wanted to take care of this myself and not bother him...but when he comes home, he has got to fix it!!! And if he can't, thank God my friend's husband has a computer repair business and he can fix anything!

Well, I sat and sulked for a while, and then realized that my son has an Dell Mini in his room with internet access. YES!!!! It is super slow, doesn't have any of my pictures, and is tiny for my adult hands, but it works!!!!!! I uploaded whatever I had on my camera to this little mini, and here is what ya get....

A little bit of Spring at the front door (PS I won this at Bunco last week for most buncos): A Christmas gift box that I spray painted red and threaded yellow ribbon through (this will be holding the Lego party favors): A couple of pictures of those Easter eggs I made: That's it. Happy Sunday everyone :)

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  1. He was diligently working on it last night. I hope he has good news for you!!!!