Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Revamped pillow....

Since we changed up our bedroom, the previous color scheme was not working anymore. I had several pillows that just no longer looked right on the bed, but that I kept because there HAD to be a use for them eventually. You know you do that too!

I like to change things up sort of frequently, so I was looking for a way use the pillows I had, but not change anything permanently. My mom had given me a little decorative throw....

and when she gave it to me, I thought, "What am I ever going to do with this?" But mom was changing up one of her rooms (it's gotta be genetic!) and insisted that I could use it somehow. So I put it away in my closet and never thought about it again until this morning.

I flipped over a champagne colored pillow that was embroidered on the back, cut a sash from the alternate side of the throw, and tied it around the pillow.

Totally and completely no-sew! I gathered and saftey pinned the center together,
and then took a trip to Hobby Lobby....that 40% off coupon was burning a hole in my purse.

Hobby Lobby was almost out of primary colored candy melts, which was the reason for the trip, but a few aisles over....a whole shopping basket FULL of red, blue, green, and yellow candy melts!!!

I actually let out a pretty loud, "YES!!!" No shame, my friend, no shame! Lego candy...but not today.

On the way to the checkout stand, I grabbed a couple squares of felt and cruised on to use my coupon.

Flower time. I wanted to make this felt flower with two different colors and was so happy with how it turned out. I cut out 12 large petals and 6 small petals, and started layering, gluing as I went.
Slap a little beaded accessory in the center and this bad boy is finished. I pinned the flower to the sash and put it on my bed.
It coordinates nicely with the lattice pillows on my bed already and I LOVE the texture difference between the velvet on the sash and the felt.

50 cents later, I have a totally updated pillow and next time I change up the room, I can take this all off and slip cover it again.


  1. awesome pillow tutorial- I love how you change the pillow. It looks great!

  2. Pretty Pillow! I love working with felt!

  3. Love the revamped pillow. Looks great. Thanks for sharing at my Swing into Spring party.

  4. You are amazing!!! I wish you could come update my house!

  5. LOL....LOVE your header! That so describes my life!! Thanks for linking up...your pillow turned out gorgeous! :)

  6. Lovely cushion ... I am very passionate about cushions... your look very great... I am your newest follower too ...
    I would love if you please peek a little at
    Sure you will find a crafty project of your choice from my library…

  7. hiya gorgeous cushion cover and i love the flower in the centre , how cute is that , your whole bed refashion is great too ,tfs i am folloeing you and hope you might do the same x

  8. what a coole idea! i love the flower :) looks great on your bed! Thanks for linking up to Your Whims Wednesday!

  9. Holy smokes that turned out AMAZING! I could have a whole bed full of these lol. I would love to have you share this at my VIP party this weekend =) http://designergarden.blogspot.com/2011/04/vip-party-10.html

  10. Love it !!!!


  11. Pretty! I linked this to my no sew pillows project post too, thanks!