Thursday, April 14, 2011

Laundry room blahs

Ok, I said it. I am totally and completely bored with my laundry room. It is the tiniest room in the house and it is the first room you see when you are coming in the house. No one comes through the front door....if you are friends or family, you come in through the garage (if the garage door is open).

Right now we have an awesome red Samsung washer and dryer, but holy washer and dryer Batman, they are big. So big that the laundry room door, doesn't close. The dryer door sticks about about an inch and a half too far for the door to close. Epic fail in the measurement department.

This room is more like a closet. I wish it were a closet. I wish it were either a closet or a big room...this somewhere in the middle thing makes it really inconvenient. Only one person in there at a time, don't try to walk out with the washer or dryer door open because you can't get around it, and there is this funky laundry rod that is so not functional.

Ok, enough of my belly aching. I LOVE that I have a laundry room inside the house, even if it is boring builder grade with fabulous appliances *wink, wink* So I am ready to change it. I need inspiration. I need ideas. I need a job! Scratch that, I have a job raising two gorgeous boys.... Dana at House*Tweaking did THIS to her laundry room. Isn't this beautifully simple???!!! Two colors and so perfect. And check THIS gorgeousness out at House of Smith's. This is so crazy good, I don't even have words....

But for my room, which is way smaller than these, I am thinking green and red. Green walls, with red and cream colored accents. Unfortunately, we have no green colored paint in our stash in the garage, and HOPEFULLY I can luck out and find a good green color in the OOPS section at LOWES. Your Oops is my treasure!!!! This will take some time planning and executing. Let's get to it!


  1. HAHA, I always go in the front door b/c I like to see what decorations you have up at the front. :D

  2. Oh man there are some beautiful laundry rooms out there!!! Our laundry is so weird, its a pretty big room with a toilet, sink and shower!!! What what? bathroom laundry?!!?!!?
    Blah! Cant wait to see what you do.