Thursday, April 21, 2011

Kindergarten egg hunt

School activities for the rest of the year are going to keep me from crafting as much. But I wouldn't have it any other way. That's why I finally quit my job, to be as involved and active in my childrens' education as possible. I am blessed that I can do it....thank God and my husband every day.
Today was the kindergarten egg hunt and it was a blast. The parents got big trash bags full of eggs with each child's name on it and scattered them in a field across from the school. Each child had made a basket and was looking for 12 eggs with their names on them. It took about an hour but it was a huge success.
My Jansen was having so much fun. And P.S. His teacher made all the shirts that the kids were wearing! Isn't that awesome????
Have a hippity hoppity day, everyone!!!


  1. That is such a good idea. I just got plastic eggs and things to fill them for my 4 Grandchildren to do an Easter Egg Hunt like I have them do every year. But, now they can all read and spell their names This may be something I do so they each get the same amount. Thanks for sharing. And Happy Easter. :)

  2. Awww, awesome! I wish our teacher told us this stuff so we could participate. At least I'll be seasoned by the time Logan comes around! haha

  3. I think we will make a milk jug easter basket tomorrow!!!! SOOOO Cute!! :)

  4. Howdy! Saw you on the Tattered Tag and had to stop by! It seems to me you are a fellow Texan... :)

    I am looking forward to more posts!

    Tina :)

  5. What a great teacher! I love that it wasn't just a dash and grab as many eggs as you can kind of hunt - those can be over in an instant and kind of overwhelming, too!

  6. I am the assistant teacher in a church kindergarten class! Egg hunts are the BEST! We have parents send in 12 eggs: 4 with the child's first name, 4 with their last name, 4 with their phone number, and 4 with their address! We supply the "helpers" (parent vols....what would we DO without them?!?!?) with a master list, and off we go! The kids LOVE it! So fun!