Monday, April 4, 2011

Special Delivery

Look what I got in the mail today......

My Lego mold!!!! Yipee. With it I shall make candy toppers for cupcakes, ice for the juices, candy legos for the gift bags, maybe some crayons or soaps, and decorations for Jansen's cake. I have finally decided to make him his own 6 inch round cake, and then let all the other kids have their own cupcakes.

You would think his birthday is next weekend, but it is still a little over a month away.....ok, so I own it. :)

I am telling you, our house is going to look like LegoLand!!

And BONUS....a lady on Freecycle was offering a bag of Mega Blocks and chose me to come get them!!!!! Now I have almost enough to create Jansen's name as one of the centerpieces. Cool beans kinda day!


  1. Fun! I wanted to get a mold too but looked into it too late! I ended up ordering Lego Minifig soaps on Etsy. They were so cute and everyone loved them.

  2. I saw these on another blog and thought I would share!